notplayed.com started out as a review site for games and films.

It was an idea by a bunch of people working in the industry, hatched on a Friday night out after a few beers. We were (and still are) frustrated with how games and films are hyped months, sometimes even years in advance. How reviewers seem to fail to be objective and often give in to the hype. We wanted to provide a comedic and fun alternative, reviewing games and movies before we actually had played or seen them, only using materials available on the internet or print press.

But since then many of us have split to new companies and continents and so reviews have stagnated. This blog now also serves as an outlet for personal opinions on industry related topics. It is important to note that opinions published here are always personal views. They are not the views of the companies we work for, nor do we assume they are universal truths. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we respect and encourage debate and discussion. We try to back up statements with facts and evidence, but everything can be interpreted in various ways, so take this blog with a grain of salt.

Some of our contributors might even disagree with each other, so one blog post might well “contradict” another. That’s the beauty of opinions, diversity and being open minded. We never intend to change people’s minds, we just like to provide food for thought in some cases.

We do not tolerate hate, slander and slurs, so please do keep comments civil and constructive. Every comment following these guidelines will be “approved” – even those vehemently disagreeing with the published post.

We don’t aim to be politically correct, but we also don’t aim to be controversial for the sake of it. We state our opinions and that’s about it.

From time to time, when we get a chance, we will continue to review some games and movies.

Feel free to leave a comment here, or on our Facebook page (link in the panel on the right).


  1. […] have also updated the “About” section of the site, to reflect the recent change in content, and hopefully clarify some […]

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